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The purpose of this post is to inform the browsing public on the site’s strategy for dating membership & also covers the topic of free membership.The target audience for launching the site is the United States and United Kingdom. By a great distance these two countries have shown the most interest. Followed by; Australia, Canada, India.

To get things underway the target cities for launching the site are New York, Los Angeles & London.

Why isn’t this ‘Free’

To those who are thinking to themselves, why is the dating membership not free? Or at the very least why isn’t it free until membership levels are sufficient. Consequently proving the concept is functional and a success.

Come date with me .com can here and understands all those who might be questioning this. If you have already subscribed to a free dating site, you will have encountered some of the many problems which are inherent to a ‘free’ service. Or supposedly free service. There is nothing worse than thinking something is free & then discovering that it really is not.

But to those who have not subscribed to a free dating site we recommend you visit the supposedly free site. If they also have a Facebook business page, read the comments.

This is just some of the inherent problems which come with making your site free. To list them all would be at the risk of turning this article into a thesis.

Come date with me .com has chosen not to follow this route.

The most conclusive full proof guarantee to insure all members are serious and committed to their online dating experience is to require a paid subscription fee. People are less likely to fake and fool around if they have paid for their subscription. At this point if you know and understand the concept to Comedatewithme .com, you will agree that this is an integral necessity for the concept to work.

We have the upmost confidence that this concept is going to not just work, but explode into an entertaining, thriving business. One on which the participants are going to feel appreciative & very happy with. Now ask yourself, what is truly free?

Why Free is a Losing Gamble

Comedatewithme.com has researched & considered all options but can only conclude with this example.

Before it became a major player within the online dating industry Plenty of Fish was originally a member’s free site. As a free site & back in the days of start-ups there was little to no opposition. Hence Plenty of Fish’s today’s success.

But is it free today? Now charging for advanced options, and since start-up the only development is the addition to swipe away & its culture. In addition is just an update to Plenty of Fishes original concept, browsing profiles & pictures but giving quicker access & flow for the members.

Comedatewithme .com has not chosen to avoid the free route because we have a unique and first of its kind concept to take to the online dating market. The free online dating route and its pitfalls would be detrimental to the very functioning of our new concept. In other words, it would be a bigger gamble. A gamble and mistake which would sacrifice user experience with the as previously stated, fake & fool accounts to contend with.

Start-ups are Failing

In today’s world where anyone can start an internet company there are hundreds of dating site start-ups. Mostly all shearing the same swipe left and right concept. Each platform is looking to carve out their individual niche in the already flooded online dating market. To accumulate dating membership, mostly all are choosing the free service route and it appears most are unsuccessful. The ones which are functioning seem to be running with very little to no administration. They would appear to be serving a purpose and that is to advertise and information gathering.

This strategy probably was not the intention on start-up but maybe just the result & consequence to a market which really does not exist. That is the free market.

The Dating Membership Paying Route

We have chosen the paying route to avoid the many pitfalls the free sites have fallen into. Of course, we all want to make money for our efforts. But the truth is, more fulfilling than any amount of money would be to reach the online dating market. And to get to see what Comedatewithme .com is promising to do and that is too get people out there meeting people.

Further conclusion from Comedatewithme is to express to the potential subscribers. You have read the description, you probably have visualised the concept working for you.

Imagining a room, (your city), full of all the single people. You write a date description and slap it on the wall. You then get to interview all or some of those who are interested to join you.

If this is remotely you, we would be ecstatic for you to show your confidence & to register. Could this possibly be the most enthralling, exciting and fulfilling tenner you have ever spent? To follow is Comedatewithme’s strategy and commitment to its start-up members.

Commitment to Comedatewithme .com’s Dating Membership

To get things underway we are offering 6000 memberships at £9.95 for one year.

The 6000 members is not set in stone & as commitment to the site and its success the subscription price of £9.95 will remain in place until the site is properly functioning. Functioning under what’s deemed to be appropriate membership levels. The ideal target would be when the majority percentage of the advertised dates is completing by going out on dates. Although an uneducated guess, if the average response to every advertised date reaches five per date.

Until these conditions are met, the current members will have their membership extended to a second year & term & not be charged again.

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