Opening 6000 Members

This post is to all future members & subscribers to come date with me dot com. 

members welcome

The target audience for launching the site is the United States and United Kingdom. By a great distance these two countries have shown the most interest. Followed by in order of viewing interest Russia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany.

The future to this post will be to inform all members & browsing public the visiting interests, numbers and membership levels. But firstly our challenge is to reach the market in the target countries. We need memberships from the target countries the US & UK to reach appropriate levels so we can get underway. Showing the world this concept on internet dating is the way of the future. 

This is where you can help us. Help us by not just joining. But by liking, tweeting, pinning, sharing and subscribing to come date with me dot com. 

New members welcome

The six thousand is not set in stone & as commitment to the site and its success the subscription price of £9.95 will remain in place until the site is properly functioning. Functioning under what is deemed to be appropriate membership levels. The ideal target would be when a majority percentage of the advertised dates are completing by going out on dates. And if the average response to every advertised date was to be about five. 

If for any reason the appropriate membership levels are not met, those who have invest and taken a chance on this new concept, will also have there membership extended to a second year & term. And until the the site is deemed to be functioning under the as previously stated conditions. Until then these members will not be charged again.


Advance Smart Search

Advanced 'smart search' which will allow you to filter dates by location. Will be included into the future development of the site & also included in the development of smartphone apps. But until properly underway this will not be necessary as we are all together going to be focusing on the first dates. The sites overall subscription numbers will be the leading indicator to when this technology will be needed & included. Thank you & Regards

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