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This is a letter to all members and future members of I write this with the assumption you have already read the about page and therefore have a certain level of understanding to what the new concept is about. If not please first read the about page here!

In the following letter, I wish to express with honesty my future ambition for this dating site. I intend with this letter to clearly outlay the current state of the platform onto its future ambition. Therefore enabling future members’ greater understanding to what they are signing up to and how this will affect your membership status from the start. Also, I address how algorithmic dating will effect this site looking into the future.

In one of my post, I expressed how algorithmic sites are now functioning. And to the disappointing fact that this type of algorithmic platform matches you via the summarisation, 'accountants please meet accountants'. This of course is an exaggeration for a boring explanation to just what algorithms actually are and to what, algorithms will actually do. Because it is to this editor’s belief and knowledge (in the not too distant future), algorithms will in fact do a great job with extreme precision in matching us as partners or just friends. In fact this precision may mean, once you have decided now is the time to settle with that special person. You will have the option to go online and in an instance, connect to your ideal or most suited partner.

The algorithmic and machine learning world is upon us whether we like or agree with it, or not. There are many influential aspects to our lives where algorithms are used. And one can observe them for themselves. But it is not the purpose of this letter to expose what some of you may or may not know. Some of the problems that face us; well let us let the likes of world leaders sort this all out.

Most of us have already surrendered to the likes of Facebook, Google, and social network platforms. I say surrendered but factual is given up so much of our selves. Is this a bad thing, I do not think so. In fact, I envision a future where technology is here enabling us as a species to concentrate on other aspects of life. Including chasing our dreams and to become ourselves as creative as we can be.

An incredible fact may be that these tech companies already now know us better than we know ourselves. If this is not yet true, what is inedible assured is this will be in the not too distant future. Whom I should ask, is prepared to give up on their mobile devices? Or how are we as a collective supposed to give up on all this technology do da?

This of course puts Facebook for the moment in the King's seat or throne. Especially now as Mark Zuckerberge has announced, Facebook’s intentions are to enter the market of dating with a Facebook dating app. At the time of writing this letter, I am yet to see the actual app.

To me, this future to algorithmic dating with its extreme precision at the present seems an all too un-humanistic approach. One on which we as human beings are not yet ready to take. So of course, for the moment Facebook is not full speed into a system of using an algorithm to match us up with uncanny precision. Matching us up directly with partners for who we are best suited. Not yet that is, because this systematic approach to dating, us as Homo sapiens are definitely not ready for.

Also, what is obvious to me is this system of algorithmic dating (once an individual has decided now is the time), is a super quick step into a relationship. A relationship with such certainty tied to it, will fast forwards us onto the next steps in the relationship. Skipping the first initial stages, with all the uncertainty the early stages bring. Mostly this is the beautiful and exciting stage of a relationship. This is a period of wonder and discovery, which the algorithmic system is threatening to take from us.

Would all be looking forward to the first stages of a relationship, if you go into your first date with this understanding? An understanding of absolute certainty, this is the best match for you.

The reality that relationships are intentionally for a life time and no relationship is exempt to the rules of relationships. That is, with almost certainty every relationship goes through the (ok did you fart moment!) or the boring and tough stages. These stages we all have to face and workout. (haha you did fart, your first fart!)

I for one, under the reality of algorithmic dating would sit down at the table and just sneak out a tiny fart!

Having this understanding to algorithmic dating with all its certainty, does not rule out Comedatewithme’s future ambition to obtain access to algorithms. In fact, it is not only our ambition but also our goal. The goal is to gain access to such algorithmic data. Enabling us to provide a platform which will not only brings us together with the element of unknown. But to embrace the time of algorithms by using the algorithm to ensure only suitable partners can apply to your advertised date. So in this visionary future, Comedatewithme .com will allow just five of the most suitable applicants.

This ambition also, is to keep the mystery in dating. Therefore keeping the first stages, beauty and excitement, still yet for us to uncover. Also, just to add to this visionary future I would hope to maintain and hold on to one crucial human trait. That is to still ‘yes’, to have the ability to make a mistake.

As of now when writing this, Comedatewithme’s dating forums are not underway. ‘Obviously,’ we need substantial memberships from the targeted cities before getting started. It is easy to imagine when the forums are active. Some people’s dates will get more replies than others. We have not a system to monitor who gets to reply to your date. But if one particular date was to say get many replies, we would have to cap those dates to enable the advertiser the chance to filter through for themselves.

Promises to members; at the present we have not an app but with certainty once underway, the app also will now be built. All monies made will firstly go into this and further development of the platform. In fact, moving forward all direction of the company will focus on obtaining the algorithm and provide the best possible service to its members. This is my own personal promise and goal.

And to the current and future members I take this opportunity to thank you for taking this chance with Comedatewithme .com as we truly appreciate your understanding and patience on waiting for the go ahead and to get underway.

If you in anyway have liked this visionary letter please think of sharing where ever you can. Single friends and social platforms anywhere will do. The more we reach the sooner we can make this all happen from above and work towards a better, a more beautiful and loving place. Peace to all.


Further commitments to members at Opening 6000 Members - Deal


Yours Sincerely

Vern Atley - Comedatewithme .com creator.

PS, In the mean time before an app is built. A neat we trick is to go to this website or any website you think would be of benefit to perform as an app. In the top left hand corner hit the buttons. Then hit the 'add to home screen' and voila. You now have a short cut straight to the website and now will perform almost like an app. The only difference is you are required to sign each time. But you can simply avoid this by entrusting your browser with your sign in details.     


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