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Bringing fundamental changes, Comedatewithme .com is a new online dating concept which may also change the direction & psychology to online dating. The now old but existing concepts, who's foundations are based on swiping and searching profiles has produced some ugly truths which are documented here at Psychology Today.

When we say no more searching via profiles is not entirely true. Investing some time reading profiles will be required, especially if you have advertised your date. A fundamental difference is you’ll be reading the biographies & profiles of people who have shown a real interested in you. And not just because of your picture & profile but because of a fun & fantastic date you have organized & planned for.

Imagining a room (your city) which is full with all the single people. You write up a date description & slap it on the wall. Following this you get to interview all or some of  those who wish to join you.

Before we dive any further into the psychology of Comedatewithme .com, let's take a look at the procedures and use of the conventional swipe away platforms and its inherent culture.


It's Monday and you have had a bad case of the Monday-itis. Looking back on it you think your eventless weekend was missing something. Missing good company and most definitely missing a date. So you switch on Tinder or Plenty of Fish in the hope of flipping or swiping in a date for the coming weekend.

You flick left & right & bang you get a match. Read his or her profile & it’s a nope. Flick again & bang a match. Read the profile & it’s an uhm maybe. It’s also apparent they are not online so you leave them a message. Then you continue & flick a few more & bang another match.

Things seemly are going well & you notice they're online so you read their biography & it’s an ahh maybe again. On this one you are not terribly enthused but you consider an opening line & settle for ‘hi how are you doing & how was your weekend’. Wait a little and no reply. Maybe they are texting with someone else. Get flicking again, flick-flick-flick-flick and it would seem your luck has changed. No immediate interest so switch off.

After dinner you return with your appetite dampened with a full stomach. There is a returning message from before. Get to responding with replies coming back immediately. Texting/talking about the weekend when boom, their Harley is red. ‘Red Harley- I didn’t know you had a Harley.’ ‘Ooops sorry that wasn’t meant for you.’ Ok I don't have time for one of them ‘see ya bye'.

Flicking Magic

You get flick-flick flicking again when ba-boom, a match with a profile to kill for. Great job, great interests & body & face to go with. Online - so message them quickly. Wow appetite returned as this is too good to be true especially when they respond almost immediate.

Texting is going great when they ask if you have another way of communicating. So they can show you some pictures from there awesome weekend. What’s-app maybe. Ok what harm can come from it. Exchange details and once connected there's a ‘hi’, followed by an image. You down load it and double boom - dick or vagina pic!

From here goes either way depending on who & what you are looking for. Let’s say for this story you are the damn-block-delete kind of person. Your Monday evening has been exhausting & its now time to retire for the evening. And soon as your head hits the pillow your eyes shut with a permanent image stamped and sitting on your forehead. Thinking out loud to yourself, 'with genitalia like that it is no wonder they're on tinder'. Damn, why am I on tinder?

In the hope of finding a date for the weekend you may or may not continue with this trend over the coming four evenings. But what is for sure is that the events from above are part of your daily routine and pursuit for love on the swipe away platforms.

Psychology of Come Date With Me 

It’s Monday and you switch on Comedatewithme .com.

Under the listed dates & from the previous week two dates have complete. Browsing over them you become curious & cannot help but wonder who got select from the list of contestants. So you check on the completed date’s section. A follow up from the dates has not yet posted so you decide to check on this later in the week.

Within the Quick Date forum there’s an advertised date for tomorrow eve. It’s an exclusive kind of date but in Quick Date because it’s of short notice. The date is for a show in the west end which is for tomorrow & awesomely so, you have tomorrow free.

Having always wanted to see this show you decide it may be worth to check on their profile. First impressions are they seem like a nice person so you think what the heck - nothing ventured nothing gained. You respond to the date by writing on how much you would be enthused to join them and why. 

Seems it’s a popular west end show and there is already other contestants of notable probability. In other words there is a wealth of competition. Now is a good time to switch off and prepare dinner.

On a full Stomach

After dinner enthusiastically you check to see how the date has played out. 

Firstly on the activity feed you notice peoples comments are making you there favourite & you can’t help but feel the excitement rising within yourself. You head to the dates-forum and yes the date has already closed. Now you check on your messages & yes there is a message from the date’s host. The message isn’t what you had expected but hey, they have left you a courteous message which proves they were a nice person.

There is a sinking feeling as the excitement quickly leaves you. Because really, you would love to have seen that show. Then you think to yourself, I'm not letting this spoil the coming weekend. So you check online for tickets and value for money is, 'surprise' this Saturday. You purchase the tickets and immediately advertise on the Night Out - date forum.

All this is on the Monday night and as this is a popular west end show you have 20 profiles to read through by Wednesday eve. So you close the date by choosing one of the contestants.

Exclusive Dates on Come Date With Me .Com

With your date all organized for the coming weekend you decide now is a good time to check on the completed date's section.

A date from the Tickets-For-Two has complete their follow up. Advertised a few weeks back the date was a fairly exclusive kind of date & from an elderly retired couple. They caught the Orient express to Paris, spent all weekend and returned on the Monday via Eurostar. They have said they had a very nice time but will remain friends. 

You then notice one of the dates from last week has given a run down on their weekends date. Having gone to a restaurant for a romantic dinner, they confess there was a spark! and now will be going on date number two. They also stated neither will be advertising on Comedatewithme .com again any time soon.

You then wonder if your date in the coming weekend could possibly be so rewarding. Maybe you never know, at the very least it's been fun trying...


With Comedatewithme .coms platform the people who will do well are those whom approach the system with open honesty & enthusiasm. The more thought we put into our dates the more we will get back. This new concept will provide an entertaining environment where the psychology & future to online dating can finally evolve.


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