New Concept for Online Dating Sites

If we take a look through the woods & the trees. From the light the very first to the internet with this concept for dating sites will appear. Similar to the congruent relationship of a silhouette on light to form and complete a picture, online dating’s newest concept will be to the internet.

 Dating Sites Concept brings entertainment, excitement and fun to the internet dating scene. Providing a game-like environment where not only the host & contestants are entertained. But also the community of subscribed members will be exuberantly entertained on the activity stream. As the dates eventually map & play out, they will be watching, commenting & discussing on each & every date. 

Observing old Concepts

Have you ever observed how many profile pics have the, 'are there any legit, real, genuine people on here', or 'no time wasters please'. Being greeted with these types of messages can be off putting to say the least.

And for a large percentage of us the search via profile, reading small bio's, swiping away left or right does not connect with us. Sure you can message them but there are many varying problems to messaging strangers. One such problem is at the same time we are not all in the same frame of mind. When I feel like playing the game and messaging a total stranger does not mean the stranger in that moment will feel the same. It’s all about timing.

Dating Sites Current Statistic's

Current statistics say one third of online dating users have been on a platform for three or more years. And after three years these users according to statistics have never gone on a date. You might ask what is wrong with these people. A better actual question is what is wrong with the people whom are using dating sites - nothing! We as people are just trying to utilize the huge potential technology & the internet has provide us with. Unfortunately the potential is a little misguided on what real people need and want. And maybe it is true what many of the analyst have been writing about. That is that the online dating industry is searching for new ideas. Searching for the next big thing because it is in need for change. The current models where born out of the arrival of the internet & have failed in developing along with it.

Missing in Development

Because of this lack of development the system is now old & does not work, or rather it needs improvement in connecting us with others. We need it to be more intuitive & to have fun. Also to make it exciting we need to have more of a connection with the people who are communicating from the other end of our screens. Amidst a sometimes crazy wonderful but busy and chaotic life, technology has provide us with the first steps in bringing us together. We only need to utilize it with more imagination & entertainment. This is something the existing models for dating sites have not given any thought to.

Comedatewithme's Concept has set out to do this by creating communities & providing a game-like environment where it’s not just about the destination but also about the journey. A journey that will have been made fun and entertaining. A journey that will drive us to the final destination & to the main objective. That is to get us out there meeting on dates. The fun will not stop here with the completed date’s section. From here and following the follow up from the completed dates we will get to see new ideas for dates of our own with places to go & things to do.

Dating Sites Behaviour Correction

In a digital age where we express ourselves on any topic and in whatever manor we choose. People’s online behaviour is in muddy waters to say the least. These are the days of trolls. People who post inflammatory and malicious comments to deliberately provoke and upset people. Trolls whom comment on whatever topic to whomever they choose, all from the illusionary safety of their mobile screens. Consequently the internet is blurring the (in real life) boundaries which keep our behaviour in check.

What better place to start teaching us better and acceptable online practices. Other than a place on which we have to flirt and impress instead of ridicule plus demise. This the later behaviour can only succeed in 'not' getting you a date & will only succeed in getting you banned. Just maybe this is a partial link to a behaviour correction we have timely been in need of.


This new concept for online dating promises to bring about change. A change in how we communicate online and a change in how we behave. Bringing back those (in real life) boundaries we are so in the need of & deserve. A timely change to our online dating psychology which in time itself will bring about a much needed positive change. It will test us. Testing our abilities to invent and create. It will reward us. Reward for those who make the most effort in forming and creating our new dates. 

Because the time to the date will have been set will ensure timing is in sync between the chair host and the contestant. Also with the date already set, excitement and adventure is guaranteed. Which in the first place after all is what we signed up for. 

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