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DatingWelcome to Comedatewithme .com, an evolution on dating sites & finally a dating site for just that, dating! The place where you can be the participant and host of your own dating show. 

Designed with a visually different but easy to navigate ui to compensate an equally if not more different concept. An online dating concept setting itself apart from the main stream platforms. Designed to meet some of the online dating markets very real demands. One such demand is to offer an alternative & to step away from the swipe away culture. 

The idea for Comedatewithme .com has arrived out of a necessity. A necessity because the current online dating concepts have failed in developing along with the ever improving internet. And appear to do little more than to promote superficial & disconnected behaviour.

Also constructed to meet all demands from the following three different types & groups of people.

Group 1

Those that want to bring back adventure and excitement. These people are simply bored with the online dating models. Under the current systems they have no trouble finding dates, but find themselves on many of the wrong kind of dates. Research says these people are ready for the next big thing. The next big thing & concept we have been waiting for has arrived. Jump on board and prepare for your date & your show.

Group 2

For those who would expect to put a little more into their online dating experience. Generally these people will suspect algorithms simply match you via your occupation and earnings. Accountants please meet accountants. Also browsing profiles, swiping left & right, text messaging, provides no real challenge. With little challenge we expect & receive little reward.

Group 3

This the final group represent a staggering 1/3 of the market. Without going on a single date they have been on a platform for three or more years. These people co-exist with category 2 and sometimes fail to connect under the current dating models. Generally these people strongly recognise the current systems do little more than promote the superficial & disconnected behaviour. 

Dating Forums

Comedatewithme .com has utilised social networking tools to create its own unique method which will be the very first on the internet.

By putting yourself in the chair you advertise your date/event and choose from a list of contestants your company.

With Comedatewithme.com gives you the chance to firstly construct what kind of date you want and secondly for the willing is to put yourself in the hosts chair. 

Your date of choice can be anything from a super quick date like a coffee to a longer and more enjoyable tickets to a festival. A few beers down the pub, dinner out for two, tickets to a play, a musical or the opera.

The type of date, agenda and rules are set by you in your description. Theoretically you put yourself in the chair by advertising your date. From here you will choose from a list of contestants whom you wish to share with.

Alternatively you may come across a date on which really fancy's you. You then apply by responding to the date, describing/selling yourself & only hope they pick you.

Imagining a room (your city), full with all the single people. You write a date description & slap it on the wall. You then get to interview some or all of those who wish to join you.

Completed Dates Section

With the included Completed Dates section the fun will not stop here from the closing of your date. All dates will have the option of doing a follow up to their date giving details on where they have gone (with ratings), & what they have done including pictures. In time this will provide a catalogue of date ideas for others to include in the making of their own dates.

Bringing Change to Online Dating

Like its new dating concept, Comedatewithme .com website visually looks like no others.

Visually separating itself & symbolizing just how different Comedatewithme really is.

Instead of the hours & hours the other platforms will take from you. Comedatewithme .com with a couple of paragraphs writing gives you the opportunity tell the world/universe what you really want. With this direct approach will not only save on wasted time but also may surprise you. Surprise you on how reliable the universe really is. Especially for those whom are prepared to put themselves out there by playing Comedatewithme .coms date-forums.

Comedatewithme .com Summary

For the daring Comedatewithme .com will bring excitement & fun back into your dating. 'No more algorithms', 'No more swiping', 'No more texting', 'No more days/weeks & sometimes years without actually going on a date'. Comedatewithme .com cannot guarantee the no more disappointment, but can guarantee fun & adventure & just maybe for the one third of dating site users whom do not actually date now become willing by putting themselves in the host's chair.  So that's it, your date & your show. 

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