Almost Free Dating Membership


Basics behind the Concept

If you have read the about page and have visualised the concept working for you. Imagining a room, (your city), full of all the single people. You write a date description and slap it on the wall. You then get to interview all or some of those who are interested to join you. If this is remotely you, we would be ecstatic for you to show your confidence & to register. Could this possibly be the most enthralling and fulfilling almost free subscription yet?

Having found through trial and error, the free subscription path did not work and apologies to all who clicked on an old link. The free strategy only ensured a bombardment of fake, weird, and bot subscriptions. Leaving the obvious conclusion that free will not work especially for a start-up of this nature requiring high levels of authenticity. Many links during the process of a free strategy were set up and they will take some time to filter out of the system. The good news is the concept is still almost free and the almost free concept will remain. The intention is to remain cheap as possible.

New Concept and First of its Kind

This first of its kind almost free dating membership is a visually different dating platform for a number of unique reasons. One is to visually separate the concept from other platforms and their old, dated ways of doing things. And directed towards a new fresh and platonic style, making way and enabling for more natural first up connections.

It is here where the word date in come(date)withme is hypothetically personalized by the individual. When an individual (the advertiser), determines the type of social meaning to their own date. Date will mean whatever the advertiser associates with meaning and used as a tool to personalize their date requirements and expectations. An example of this the advertiser may simply be looking for a day’s outing companion, either for hiking or mountain biking. Alternatively for a holiday, a travel companion or buddy. With this concept, the possible date meanings for those who advertise really are almost infinite.    

The concept encapsulates the concept of a dating show, including powerfully using our words and thoughts to make more real and engaging connections.

The Target Cities for Almost Free Dating Membership

The target city for launching the site is London and the entire country of New Zealand. Since coming online and by a great distance the United States and United Kingdom have shown the most interest. Followed by Australia, Canada, and India.

Future ambitions, is to one day make it onto this list outlaid at found Here. And to one day operate the concept within all the major cities around the world.


At the forefront, helping the concept to function is the ambition to provide a service with dutiful administration. Therefore providing a platform where all members feel appreciative & enabled to most importantly, have fun.

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