Before beginning we advise that everyone who has subscribed firstly read the how to and rules carefully in the articles entirety. To avoid any confusion that may arise from not being familiar with the forum format and how this sites concept is to function. This applies especially to those who are not or have not belonged to any specific forums.

The how-to first step is to register via the registration and by logging in and completing your profile set up. From here, you can upload a cover image & profile picture. Advice on how to write a great online dating bio can be found HERE or HERE!

Because this is a new to the internet dating concept all new members get one year's membership for free.

All relevant info on the new members deal - HERE

Whats in the box of your New Subscription

Following your new subscription, you have autonomous membership to the three categorised types of dates. And they are called Quick Date, Night Out, & Tickets for Two. All three belonging to their corresponding CDWM groups and associated with the city you registered too. Currently in the early development of this concept, the three cities are London, New York, Los Angeles. And each providing services full with activities making the concept unique and exciting.

What activities can we expect to see?

There are three activity feeds to take note of and for efficiency it is important to learn the distinctions between them. Each containing activities from one group through to the entire sites groups. At the present, the number of groups is nine.

Main Menu - Activity Feed

The first feed navigated to via the link in the main menu and at the top of every page. This will take you through to the entire sites activities. The types of activities viewed are as followed - all newly listed dates and there corresponding date replies. (You cannot respond to dates advertised from the activity feed). All new subscriptions are up dated live and you are able to message them via leaving them a comment of something like a welcoming message to the site. Understanding comedatewithme rules is paramount before leaving any comments, joining in on discussions, or leaving date replies. Although rules are common sense, advised is to read them over because comedatewithme’s no tolerant policy is to be enforced.  

Profile Menu - Ativity Feed

The second feed is your personal navigation menu and viewed from your profile page. Showing all personal activities related to you, and the groups and date forums subsequently you have subscribed as a member of. Like in the first activities view, you cannot respond to any newly listed dates from the activities feed. Also showing is all comments or discussions on any of the dates currently live. You are able to join any of the discussions or leave comments to whom or on whatever discussion topic you please.

CDWM Groups - Activity Feed

The third activity is solely for each categorised date and belonging to the group you already now are a member of and is located on the group home page. Meaning you will only see your own personal activity plus the activities of the specific categorised date forum. Ex: London’s – NIGHT OUT but not viewed in this group is London’s – Quick Date.

How To View or Advertise Dates

Alternatively head over to the date's forum section to browse over listed dates or navigate to Create New Date to advertise a date of your own. From the main menu under Dates, will take you through to all date forums listed. You only gain access to the three date forums of Quick Date, Night Out, and Tickets for Two and all belonging to the city that you subscribed too. Another way to listed dates is via a specific Comedatewithme group you have joined with your subscription. Create a date will navigate straight to the groups date forum. Here you will see all the listed dates and at the bottom of the page is where you create a new date.   

How to Create New Date

Advice when creating your new date, try to be as descriptive as possible. Inventive or creative and personalise it with you and your own unique beautiful words. In your description write down all relevant details and as much personal information (such as what you like to talk about), as you like. Your date description can be as long or short as you wish but we think the longer the better. Approach the date as if you are only ever going to write one and likewise if you are responding to a date.

The date title should display information such as, your age / gender / the type of date (tickets, festival, pub, dinner etc...), & the calendar date.

Ex – 34/Male/Dinner for 2/This Friday – 2nd

Ex – 34/Male for Male or Female for Female/Dinner for 2/This Friday – 2nd

The dates description should describe the date in detail and as mentioned in the about page you make all the rules and requirements to your date. Meaning you may have tickets for two or (for the cheeky), you require the contestant to provide the tickets.

If you have any other requirements, the contestant must live and stand up too. Put it all in here as this is your chance to construct a night or day out on which you desire. Try to really personalise your date, make it your own. Own it! If you ask, you never know you may just receive.

Your Obligations 

Although you will not be obligated to go through with your date, we would hope for you to consider likewise. Keeping up the spirit on why you put yourself in the host's chair. You possibly still have the night free, so nothing ventured and nothing gained or lost. And who knows, it may turn into a fantastic night from a date which has eventuated from putting yourself out there & playing the game-like date forums at comedatewithme. More important is you make the decisions and that you at first are comfortable with your decision either way.

Important How-to Message Information

Currently there is a public discussion available via the activity feed and private messaging (if you have become friends), service in place. We advised for communication between the dates host and the contestants to remain within & on the Dates-Forum. (Exceptional reasons excluded, meaning you may require the contestant or host to provide private information about the date.) Keeping all communication within the public date forum we believe will help in the early development and the making of connections for new relationships & dates yet formed.

(Updated; As a trial, we have removed the function of friends and a friends list. This also prevents all private messaging and removes focus from this type of social networking in order to allow the concept to actualise). This stategy and trial may only be temporary. 

Closing a Date

A Dates Closure

All date’s closures are handled by the admin and when advertising a date you will need to keep this mind if for any reason you require and cannot go through with your date. To un-list your date you will need to contact admin via the contact form. Admin will also close your date once the calendar date has been succeed. .

Completed Dates Section

Upon the completion of a date, (the dates host or with permission from the host the contestant), will have the option of posting a follow up to their date via the completed dates form under contact us in the main menu. This can be either just pictures or a brief date description including pictures. Provided also will be a ratings out of 10 on the place, restaurant, pub, activity you have gone on.

So that’s it your date and your show at comedatewithme. We are wishing you all so much luck , fun and adventure.

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