How to

The first step is to register via the registration form and complete your profile set up. From here you can upload a cover image & profile picture.

Because this is a paid membership and being new to the internet with this very first of it's kind concept & method to online dating the first 6000 members get one year's membership for £9.95.

Join a Group

Once registered and joined to the group which best describes the type of date you either have constructed or wish to go on. You will gain full access to that groups date forum. Currently there are three main groups. They are Quick Date, Night Out and Tickets for Two. You can join as many groups as you please and from here you either browse, comment & discuss among-st fellow group members on the development & listing of new dates. Or head over to the dates forum section to either respond as a contestant or create your own date via create new date. 

Create  New Date

When creating a new date be as descriptive as possible trying not to leave out any details about your date. The date title will display information such as to your general location (country, city, town), your age and gender and the type of date such as (tickets, festival, pub, dinner etc..).

The dates description should describe the date in detail and as mentioned in the about page you make all the rules and requirements to your date. Meaning you may have tickets for two or you may require the contestant to provide the tickets. If you have any other requirements the contestant must live and stand up too, put it in here. Put it all in here as this is your chance to perfectly construct a night or day out on which you may desire for. Try to really personalize your date, make it your own. Own it!

Important Messaging Information

Currently there is a public messaging and private messaging (if you have become friends), service in place and it will be advised for communication between the dates host and the contestants to remain within & on the Dates-Forum. This will not only help to ensure dates are formed from using's date-forums but we also think by keeping communication in the public domain (in the groups Date-Forum), this will help in the development of new relationships & dates to be formed. 

Eventually the dates host chooses one of the contestants via a reply to the contestant of choice on the dates-forum. When this is done the groups admin will then close the date. Observers or watchers will still have access to the date for reading but will no longer be able to reply.

Before posting please find time to read the rules from the sites menu.

Completed Dates Section

With the included Completed Dates section the fun will not stop here from the closing of the date. All dates will have the option of doing a follow up to there date giving details on where they have gone (with ratings), & what they have done including pictures. In time this will provide a catalogue of ideas for others to include in the making of there own dates.


With anticipated excitement we would like to welcome you to this awesome adventure and we cannot wait for the shared stories that will eventuate from this new concept. Also welcome is any feedback via contacting us.

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